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June 17th
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FA|AA Makes AASO Playoffs TWL EU Objective team
SF Village WIN 7-3 Win on Steamroller!
Being 2nd in our division we've made the playoffs for AASO. And in our first match we're going head-to-head against none other than Enervate Gaming. The last time we saw these guys was on Border and Bridge SE. We lost both times but we've improved in all aspects since those confrontations. Lets take this home, boys. We have the ability to do so.

Posted by: IceBlade
(05-08-2007 at 01:24 PM)

        SF VILLAGE WIN 7-3
That's right my fellow comrades. We won our match vs ODB_. We battered them out for 5 rounds on Defense ending the first 6 rounds 5-1. A couple rounds in we took another win on assault making for a definite tie and leaving us with 4 more rounds to try for the win. Two more rounds went by as we tried for the win and on our last round the teamwork and coordination pulled off as we surrounded the two last opfor and eliminated them. Very good match, guys. Time to start practicing for CAL.

Posted by: IceBlade
(04-29-2007 at 10:21 PM)

It's here boys! We have joined TWL EU 4vs4 Objective.


If you are interested, PM Lethal for the password

This is for EU people in FA. If you are NOT from Europe but wish to participate, please contact Lethal first before joining the Roster.

Look guys, a TWL rule is that you must have a server from EU if you wanna play in the EU ladders. It is very cheap, $15/mo for a Private 10 slot server. Lethal has pledged $5, that only leaves $10 per month... not much. Hopefully we can get that much.

An alternative to this is to offer to play on the oppositions server. If they refuse we can offer our 16 slot honor server, which is located in the USA. If they refuse that and demand to play on our EU server, (and we don't have one) then we will be kicked out of TWL. As you can see that is very risky, so financial aid would be helpful.

Lethal will be the Captain and Flashbang will be Vice-captain.

As soon as we have a squad of 4 (or more) committed players we will begin. Please read the rules of the EU TWL 4vs4 Ladder on the website and download the required software needed to play (CDC). Thank you.

Posted by: Stoner
(04-22-2007 at 01:28 PM)

Congratulations on taking a win of 7-5 against ODB. The team consisted of Paav, Catch, Blood and IceBlade. It was a tough run and a close game but teamwork prevailed and we managed to keep ahead of the opposing forces by at least one point the entire match. Good job, guys, and I hope to see future participation from more members!

Posted by: IceBlade
(03-12-2007 at 10:08 AM)

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